Project Pakistan is a community mobilization initiative to provide emergency relief funds to Pakistan's most vulnerable and displaced daily wage and blue collar workers.

This project was developed inside ROZEE.PK as an urgent response after the onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. The yet to be launched RozeeBlu blue collar jobs platform was retooled into a mechanism for assessing the needs of unemployed daily wage workers as reliably as possible at scale and funding them.

Pakistan's daily wage and blue collar workers are among the most vulnerable members of Pakistan's workforce during this crisis. Their employment terms are largely informal which means their income have been reduced to zero overnight and they have little savings, earning just enough on a daily basis to eat their next meal. These individuals also currently rely on localized word of mouth to find their next job once the economy opens up again, which is highly inefficient. Project Pakistan was born as an urgent attempt at solving these critical challenges in a scalable manner.

We believe that providing digital cash transfers, with the efficiency of new digital rails being put in place with the help of our partner fintech company Finja and others, are the most efficient way of uplifting this segment of our fellow citizens quickly. While ration donations are helpful, there are several inefficiencies we have seen on the ground such as workers often selling them for a fraction of their cost because they ultimately need cash. There are several logistically challenges that slow down ration distribution such as purchasing the various food items, combining them into packets, arranging manpower to deliver and distribute them and managing huge crowds eager to receive them.

We believe digital cash disbursements to worker ID cards is the quickest and most efficient way of meeting their short term needs. These adult workers need to be trusted to self-purchase what they need most during their darkest hour. Based on our conversations in worker colonies, they can often purchase items cheaper than we can. Many times they do not need the items within ration packets. Some ultimately sell them at half to one third of the cost donated.

Project Pakistan relies on the generosity of Pakistanis all over the world to donate money. On the other hand it relies on a field force of volunteers to onboard workers through our RozeeBlu Dost mobile app which employs various algorithms to identify needy unemployed workers. To make this sustainable and scalable, we are relying on the displaced manpower to volunteer to help us with this task and given them small incremental revenue for their help from donations, thereby creating means for employment towards the bottom of the pyramid as well.

How you can help

You can donate, help us identify vulnerable workers become a RozeeBlu Dost and send us prayers. Thank you for considering being part of this journey. Pakistan Zindabad!

Founding Team

Monis Rahman
Qasif Shahid
Umer Munawar
Muhammad Khalid
Muhammad Imran
Zain Bhatti
Kamran Zuberi
Zain Javaid
Muneeb Asif

Project Team

Shafiq Rehman
Jamshaid Saleem
Kaiser Waseem
Azhar Waris
Farooq Ahmed
Muhammad Saad
Arslan Ahmed
Usman Jamil
Saman Arif
Asim Habib
Muhammad Arsalan
Faraz Ahmad
Sameer Akbar
Muhammad Usman
Afsheen Ali
Saboor Ahmad
Navid Zafar
Farrukh Majeed
Zainul Abideen
Rehan Ahmad